TRIAL for Fathers Day 5

LANL’s Fathers Day 5 = Innocent; LANL = Guilty

The ghost of Reference Man continues to haunt LANL with questions such as:

…Why does LANL persist in supporting WMDs?

…When will individual employees stop supporting crimes against humanity?

…Will other countries hold employees accountable in international courts?

Five were arrested (perhaps arbitrarily?) on June 20th for being in a place near the badge-check area. Two months later, you see the evidence that civilians (including defendants in the case against the LANL Fathers Day Five) are NOT inhibited from being in the same areas at which non-badge-holders were arrested on June 20th.

Why is this? This evidence will be presented in the Los Alamos Magistrate Court when the LANL Fathers Day Five go to trial.

Will Covert and friend a mile from the plutonium pit fortress

Will Covert and friend between the arrest location and the badge-check area, seen in the background.

What about this? Further evidence of a lack of clear boundaries.

Bobbie Sue at LANL's CMRR badging gate

Bobbie Sue Davis approaches the badging area protecting folks from praying at the CMRR.

The pre-trial hearing is not yet scheduled, but the LANL FD5 hope the charges will be dropped at the hearing, so that justice may prevail and the LANL employees will get busy shutting down LANL.


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