5 Arrested Near CMRR: Jail begins Thursday January 26th

Trinity Nuclear Abolition
Juneteenth News

TNA Vigils … or… LANL’s Fathers Day 5 (FD5) … or… Jailing the FD5

Prayer-Activists Go To Jail

For Failing To Support Court

At the conclusion of a 24-hour prayer vigil organized by Trinity Nuclear Abolition, five peaceful demonstrators were arrested at the checkpoint leading to the CMRR nuclear bomb pit factory construction site Monday June 20th at noon. They later took a plea bargain, and were told to pay a mandatory court fee of $73. Instead each of the LANL Fathers Day 5 donated $73 to a Tewa group (local indigenous nation near Los Alamos) to help them protect the land currently being poisoned by the famous Los Alamos environmental injustice group known as the National Laboratory (formerly the Scientific Laboratory, after the Manhattan Project ended in 1945).  See news on the coming arrest/incarceration of the Fathers Day 5.

Outside Los Alamos Detention Center

Marcus, Mitzi & Will outside, while Bobbie Sue and Juan remain behind the wall in the background.

Trinity Nuclear Abolition (TNA) held an extended vigil in at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in honor of Fathers’ Day and Holy Trinity Sunday. Along with meditations, songs and dance, the two dozen prayer-activists were able to distribute fliers advising LANL employees about international law and U.S. Constitutional responsibilities in regards to nuclear weapons.

Two days later Juan Montoya & Bobbie Sue Davis were bailed out and arraigned, and summarily pleaded "NOT Guilty".

Will Covert, a Veteran For Peace and great-grandfather; Mitzi Kraft, member of Military Families Speak Out and great-grandmother; Bobbie Sue Davis, a former military family member and mother of three; Juan Montoya, member of Pax Christi Holy Family and grandfather; and Marcus Page, Catholic Worker, were all taken into custody at the Los Alamos Detention Center.

On Sunday and Monday, two dozen prayerful nuclear abolitionists prayed for hours to end the CMRR funding and for divine intervention for a peaceful end to the nuclear age. The reason for spending 24 hours on this spiritual work at this time, according to Marcus Page-Collonge (TNA spokesperson) is, “Fathers’ Day joining with Holy Trinity Sunday is a powerful junction. It’s a window through which we might finally achieve nuclear abolition…”

Charles Powell in foreground with LANL Fathers-Day Five group ready to move towards CMRR site.

TNA supports the immediate peaceful ending of nuclear weapons research, development, and production. For four years TNA has protested LANL’s noncompliance with the U.S. Constitutional duties and U.S. treaty obligations. TNA conducts monthly vigils to remind the public and the LANL employees that LANL is actively conducting international criminal activity, as shown by the nuclear bomb pit production work at the Chemistry Metallurgy Research (CMR) facility, and as LANL continues to build a replacement for the current CMR facility (the new CMRR).

The CMRR Nuclear Facility violates the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by working to make more nuclear weapons. It is also sited foolishly on a narrow mesa of volcanic ash in an earthquake zone. The price tag therefore continues to rise each year and is currently scheduled to cost over 6 billion dollars. Learn more about the CMRR.

On Wednesday at 2:00pm, all five had been released on bond from the Los Alamos Detention Center. Two were arraigned on June 22nd at 11:30am. Juan Montoya’s trial is currently set for August.  He and his four co-defendants will ask Magistrate Pat Casados to consolidate the cases into one jury trial. In the past, Casados has stated her opposition to consolidating cases, but the five defendants hope they have enough weight to convince the court that one jury trial for five is better than five jury trials.

Fathers' Day crowd at LANLMembers of Veterans for Peace, Pax Christi New Mexico, Pax Christi Holy Family, Trinity House Catholic Worker, and Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping were part of the prayer-action on Sunday and Monday. It remains to be seen if LANL employees will hear the call for nuclear abolition, and take personal responsibility in this area.

Bobbie Sue Davis was arrested by Doug Ehler

Juan Montoya was arrested by Alfred Roybal (Police Corporal)

Marcus Page-Collonge was arrested by Ronald J Binion (Detective)

Will Covert was arrested by Doug Ehler

Mitzi Kraft was arrested by Ben Hinrichs

Here’s the scene from Fathers Day and the day after Fathers Day…

Raging Grannies join the demonstration just prior to the grand finale.

Morning traffic passes the vigil.


  1. Well done al of you! I’m reading this from Australia. I congratulate you New Mexico people on all your work to halt the Nuclear bomb research and development facility there. When will they learn that peace does not come through bombs. In addition the expenditure of such large amounts of money on new buildings for weapons development at this time of hardship for so many is irresponsible and simply wrong. Have you seen the latest John Pllger movie – ‘The War you Don’t See’… it sheds light on the ‘rule of the military industrial complex’ and their hope for perpetual war. Though we in Australia do not have nuclear weapons we are equally involved as we have some or the largest deposits of uranium in the world and are busy mining and selling it overseas.

    Love and belssings to you all, and a big hug for Ellie who sent me this link.

    Gill x
    Pax Christi New South Wales, Australia.

  2. Push back against war….

  3. explain! educate!

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