Reference Woman

What is the relationship between REFERENCE WOMAN and Reference MAN? Have they both been slaughtered by the Chemistry Metallurgy Research facility (CMR) at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), or by other D.o.E. facilities claiming to do science while actually producing Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Before the “man”-slaughter of this creature, Reference Man stopped by the Albuquerque Center For Peace and Justice where he met with a BOMAB of a former LANL scientist. Together, they “thought” they could create a Reference Woman to help round out the referencing capacities of other LANL scientists when it comes to creating more hazards for real humans.

Where is Reference Woman?

A lab scientist seeks Reference Woman, and meanwhile consoles Reference Man

“Reference Woman would be a great addition to the arsenal,” according to one source at Sandia National Laboratories, located at Kirtland Air Force Base. Reference Woman has very different absorption capacities for radionuclides than Reference Man. Exposing a female human or fetus to radiation will generally cause more harm than exposing a northern hemispheric adult male to the same amount of radiation. “We like having more tools to help us know how much damage we will do to real humans and their DNA should our WMDs ever be used against real humans.”

Meanwhile, the young folks with Think Outside The Bomb spotted Reference Man at the Center For Peace & Justice, and lamented the lack of concern by civil society for protecting our species. Think Outside the Bomb and other groups have not come to consensus on the potential value of the reference nuclear family in helping to abolish nuclear weapons…RefMan @ ABQ


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