Meditation For Nuclear Bomb Developers

Folks who research and develop nuclear weapons systems might wish to hear the wisdom of their elders–the Manhattan Project scientists. 40 years after the first three bombs (Trinity’s Gadget, Hiroshima’s Fat Man, Nagasaki’s Little Boy) were detonated, some of the original Manhattan Project workers came back to Los Alamos for a public gathering to reflect on the meaning of the nuclear age and the work they’d done to create the nuclear age.

“Cottonwood Science Kids” is a 5 minute, 30 second audio collage, which premiered via tailgate loudspeaker, @ LANL for MLK Day 2012. It’s now ready for radio transmission. Listen to it.

Trinity Nuclear Abolition (TNA) remixed pop music (mostly from the 1980s) with found footage soundbytes regarding nuclear bomb development and proliferation. TNA used samples (less than 8 seconds each) from these recording artists: The Avengers, Dar Williams, Devo, Dick Dale and His Deltones, Kraftwerk (word=”Radioactive”), Moby (words=”Speak To Me In The Middle Of The Night”), Portishead, Public Enemy (words=”At The Level Of A Scientist/With This List”), Lady Gaga (“Poison”), Spearhead (“Fire” and “Radioactive”), The Sons of the Pioneers (“The Science Boys All Pitched In” and “If You’re Scared Of The Atom, Here’s What You Gotta Do”), The Stranglers (words=”Nuclear Device”) and Tool.

The FOUND FOOTAGE of audio soundbytes come from Manhattan Project workers (Robert Wilson, Hans Beta, I.I. Robi) and the spouse of a Los Alamos scientist (Elsie McMillan), and four un-identified children from a 1980s video about children responding to their fears about the bomb.