LANL Security Refuses To Stop Lawbreakers


LANL Security stop Reference Man's funeral, trying to get more info from mourners.

On April 29th at 7:15, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) security members stopped the funeral of Reference Man at the Chemistry Metallurgy Research entrance, apparently protecting the Lab from further investigation into the death of Reference Man. Those who mourned the passing of Reference Man were pleading with employees, “please don’t kill any more people today,” as employees passed by the corpse of Reference Man. Two mourners (Jen & Marcus) left the scene with the body of Reference Man when security liaison (Donna) threatened to have Los Alamos Police arrest them for blocking the entrance to the CMR. One employee on a bicycle claimed that no plutonium pits are manufactured at CMR. Marcus asked Donna to investigate the veracity of this claim, and if pit production indeed continues, to please stop employees from committing such crimes.


Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists held vigil while others mourned Reference Man's demise.

The mourners then carried the corpse of Reference Man four blocks away to the free speech zone of LANL. Reference Man was killed by the hypocrisy of the institution that both needs him and destroys him by creating weapons of mass destruction that render his services mute.

On the prior day in Albuquerque, NM Reference Man attended the LANL hearings on their potential new permit to continue polluting NM with toxic waste. As you can see in the photo below, Reference Man was already dying of radiation poisoning before attending the hearing on NON-radioactive poisons that LANL has created and hopes to keep creating.Learn more about Reference Man and Reference Woman on FaceBook.


Folks wanting to stop LANL's pollution outside of the hearing room at CNM.

Meanwhile, ThinkOutsideTheBomb folks were at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference. Reference Man got some wheels to go there, but it’s just a reference truck, so it didn’t run far…

What's Reference Man gonna do?

Dennis & the Man in 'Burque at the end of June.

LANL Security paid attention to mourners, but not to the complaints from mourners.


Folks wanting to stop LANL's pollution outside of the hearing room at CNM.